KEYNOTE: Improving Mathematics Instruction for Students who Struggle

Are you ready to rid yourself of expiring rules? Are you willing to commit to working as a team? This session will encourage the use of evidence based strategies such as Concrete/Semi-Concrete/Abstract (CSA) to help students develop a balanced understanding of concepts and skills. Using formative assessment approaches to building from students’ strengths we will examine ways to support students with targeted interventions.

13 Rules that Expire

12 Math Rules that Expire in the Middle Grades

Circumventing HS Rules that Expire

no ad Whole-school agreement

Fractions! Teaching Developmentally

This session examines “fraction sense” from partitioning and iterating to equivalency and beginning operations. We will explore hands-on experiences through multiple representations including area, length and set models. Special attention will be given to supporting students who struggle, particularly those in Tier 2 intervention settings.

Championship Math Teaching-Maximizing My Math Instructional Time

We all teach math under varying circumstances: length of class; number of students, curriculum publisher (or no curriculum); readiness of students; familiarity with the curriculum; and years teaching math just begin the list. Participants can plan to leave Manhattan on Monday with numerous new “tools” in their “math tool box” that can be implemented in their classrooms as soon as Tuesday. The ideas shared will not be tied to a certain curriculum, nor dependent on extravagant manipulatives. The format of the session will be to go through a routine math “practice” with “Coach” Wolters; so come prepared to be active participants as we do math together.

Welcome First Timers!

First-time attendees, come and join us for a conference welcome session! Network with other mathematics educators. Share resources. Learn how to make the most of the KATM conference.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Math Manipulatives

I love math teaching with math manipulatives (tools) at all grade levels. There are wonderful tools (including calculators) available to make math more understandable and enjoyable. However, some good ones are misused (becoming bad), some bad ones are misused (becoming ugly) and some ugly ones should be banned from the classroom altogether. Come see what tools can be made for pennies, what tools are worth purchasing, and what tools are the newest and coolest.

Using the Area Model to Build Conceptual Understanding of Multiplication

This session will illustrate how the AREA model is the foundation model for multiplication of whole numbers, decimals, fractions and mixed numbers. If time, polynomial multiplication (and factoring) will also be explored. Participants will investigate classroom-ready problems that frequently offer a challenge to students.

I’m Game, Are YOU?

EVERFI is tapping into student interest and curiosity to make critical math skills relatable, engaging, and interactive with our sports and STEM career themed Math Supplemental Resources. Educators in attendance will gain access to several online resources that will highlight real-world applications to math concepts. Bring your device and join our session to gain login credentials and learn best practices. EVERFI resources are available at NO COST to Kansas teachers and schools.

Visit to learn more.

Adding and Subtracting Integers using a toilet with Watertank Math!

If your students struggle with adding and subtracting integers then Watertank Math is what you need for your students! Learn how to relate this everyday computation to something they encounter in everyday life…a toilet! Watertank Math will provide a visual and contextual method of finally understanding not only adding and subtracting positive integers but more importantly how to add and subtract negative integers. A great opportunity for SPED, intervention, resource, Tier (I-III), and regular ed teachers to get your hands on a supplementary resources to ensure the success of your students.

Twitter Accounts Every Teacher Should Follow

Without question, Twitter has become a hotspot for education-related tips, tricks, and talks. You can be instantly connected to a network of passionate educators sharing their experiences and insights into the education world, and there are many innovative teachers using Twitter to engage with like-minded people. From nonprofits to everyday teachers, this session will share some accounts to follow.