Adding and Subtracting Integers using a toilet with Watertank Math!

October 8, 2018
2:10  -  3:00
Room B118

If your students struggle with adding and subtracting integers then Watertank Math is what you need for your students! Learn how to relate this everyday computation to something they encounter in everyday life…a toilet! Watertank Math will provide a visual and contextual method of finally understanding not only adding and subtracting positive integers but more importantly how to add and subtract negative integers. A great opportunity for SPED, intervention, resource, Tier (I-III), and regular ed teachers to get your hands on a supplementary resources to ensure the success of your students.

Session Category :  2nd-3rd Grades  4th-5th Grades  6th-8th Grades  ESL  High School  K-1st Grades  Literacy Connections  Number & Operations  Paras  SPED  Technology