Championship Math Teaching-Maximizing My Math Instructional Time

October 8, 2018
2:10  -  3:00
Room A112

We all teach math under varying circumstances: length of class; number of students, curriculum publisher (or no curriculum); readiness of students; familiarity with the curriculum; and years teaching math just begin the list. Participants can plan to leave Manhattan on Monday with numerous new “tools” in their “math tool box” that can be implemented in their classrooms as soon as Tuesday. The ideas shared will not be tied to a certain curriculum, nor dependent on extravagant manipulatives. The format of the session will be to go through a routine math “practice” with “Coach” Wolters; so come prepared to be active participants as we do math together.

Session Category :  4th-5th Grades  6th-8th Grades  8 Math Practices  Algebra  Data/Statistics  Geometry  Measurement  Number & Operations  Paras  SPED