Encouraging a Growth Mindset Through Effective Grading Practices

October 8, 2018
1:10  -  2:00
Room Little Theatre

What do your grading practices imply? In this presentation we will explore the purposes, concerns, interpretations and impacts of Traditional and Redesign Grading Practices. Time will be devoted for you to determine your perspective on learning and how the actions you take and decisions you make, based on your mindset, impact your students. We will explore the relationship between perceived and implemented grading practices and student mindset development. We will discover how to implement effective grading practices in your school to improve students’ perspectives on learning.

Session Category :  2nd-3rd Grades  4th-5th Grades  6th-8th Grades  8 Math Practices  Administrators  Algebra  Data/Statistics  Geometry  High School  K-1st Grades  Measurement  Number & Operations