The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Math Manipulatives

October 8, 2018
1:10  -  2:00
Room B110

I love math teaching with math manipulatives (tools) at all grade levels. There are wonderful tools (including calculators) available to make math more understandable and enjoyable. However, some good ones are misused (becoming bad), some bad ones are misused (becoming ugly) and some ugly ones should be banned from the classroom altogether. Come see what tools can be made for pennies, what tools are worth purchasing, and what tools are the newest and coolest.

Session Category :  2nd-3rd Grades  4th-5th Grades  6th-8th Grades  8 Math Practices  Administrators  Algebra  Data/Statistics  Geometry  K-1st Grades  Measurement  Number & Operations  Paras  SPED  Technology