Using social interactive games in High School Math classes

October 8, 2018
10:30  -  11:20
Room B108

Ever wondered how you could get kids excited about math? I’ll explore how to introduce kids to games that involve movement and/or social interaction, to improve social skills of students and to practice and revise actual classwork with very little preparation (once you have mastered how the games work)! Yes I’m talking about games that are not online or simply just time fillers and that don’t require a budget. Games designed for maximum student engagement but with structures and rules built into them with the teacher as referee. ESL students will feel more included in your class. The same game can used over and over in subjects like Algebra 1 & 2, Pre-calculus, Trig and Calculus. In this session I’ll be giving examples of games I’ve developed based on sport and TV game show themes and sharing tips of how to introduce games to your class. I will choose some ‘contestants’ to show us how, with audience interaction!

Session Category :  6th-8th Grades  Algebra  ESL  High School  Number & Operations